Bobooki Comeback Celebration

Last Wednesday afternoon we finally brought Bobooki back to life. After a longer break during 2021 a new team has formed to make the project’s goals of creating a basic income for authors and growing an active and supportive community of book enthusiasts become reality. 

During our kick-off event we took time to exchange ideas about our visions of forming the community and discussed how Bobooki can start to achieve impact in the weeks to come. Daisy Rapp, who recently launched her book “Wildchild of the Universe”, joined us as a special guest. With the workshop she had prepared for our meeting, Daisy invited us to embrace adventurous and challenging moments in our lives and connect them to the five stages Adventure Call, Trials, Cosmos, Love and Surrender as she has in her book. By guiding us through the steps of writing our thoughts down and turning our notes into a paper balloon, Daisy gifted us with our own piece of art and a lot of inspiration. 

After letting this experience sink in we have come up with a plan to get community building started. We will facilitate weekly onboarding sessions to which all authors are welcome who would like to present their books, share their stories or otherwise engage with the community. During the onboarding session organizational aspects such as the format, place and date of specific events can be discussed. Shortly we will begin to host one event every week in support of an author and are looking forward to your contribution! 

Our project Bobooki started out as a bud and we are excited to watch it blossom, you are very welcome to embark on this journey with us!

Felix, Minty and Alex

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