Bobooki is an online bookstore rethought:
fair, transparent, community oriented

This is a collective project to create basic income by selling books you can also get active.

Bobooki consists of two platforms:

At you find millions of books and board games that you can order to your home.

By shopping through Bobooki, you help financing Basic Income for writers and communities.

Here, on Bobooki Stories you find inspiring stories about books, organized by selected topics. This includes, for example, reviews and interviews with authors, but also videos of book readings and discussions.

You too can adopt a book and share your strories, thoughts, and recommendations.

Together we create an opportunity for basic income with Bobooki

Bobooki is a social enterprise with the goal of creating Basic Income. You can easily contribute to our vision by ordering books on or give away Vouchers for Bobooki.

And Boboooki offers even more:

At Bobooki Stories, you can become a book sponsor, which means:

Du teilst Deine Leidenschaft für ein Buch Deiner Wahl mit anderen Menschen und bekommst dafür drei Monate lang 10% des Verkaufspreises of each copy that has been sold on You share your passion for a book of your choice with other people and for one month you will receive 12% of the selling price of each copy that has been sold on Booboki.

Without obligations, data collection, hooks.

Our vision

Together we create a world, in which...

  • ... real people share their passion for books with others and everyone benefits from it. Bobooki's system of book sponsorships ensures this. Thereby anyone who participates can earn additional income. At the same time, every book sold contributes to the financing of basic income.
  • ... an ecosystem of community-driven, local marketplaces is emerging that offer a real alternative to the large monopolistic platforms. Once the Bobooki community is large enough, the company will become a cooperative owned entirely by its users.
  • ... an own currency makes it very easy to participate in a new, fair economic area. Out of Bobooki's voucher system evolves a new currency that can be used at local bookstores, as well as other fair platforms and businesses.

*The name Bobooki is inspired by the Greek word μπουμπούκι [boubouki], translated "bud". This describes our plan to start with a simple online bookstore that unfolds into a driving force for colorful world-changing projects.

Together, we create a world, in which everyone develops and unfolds freely.

The Bobooki team, October 2020