Co-founders wanted!

Bobooki is our social project to generate universal basic incomes through book sales.

Our shop offers more than 3 million books, games and other media articles at your disposal. Our goal is to secure basic incomes through the profit created by each sale.

On top of that, we have developed a unique model of book sponsorship, through which authors and communities are able to earn incomes by recommending books and sharing the related stories.

You will find on Bobooki Stories a compilation of background stories, interviews as well as book recommendations on specific topics, which is thoughtfully curated and put together by our team on a regular basis. We intend to create a community where the mutual interest in books and related topics could be continuously nurtured, while the financial pressure could be eradicated at the same time.

We are looking for:

Der Online Shop sowie die Story Plattform are already fully functional. Now we would like to entrust them to aspired co-founders who feel motivated about dedicating themselves to further development and consolidation of the project. We would be especially delighted with additional support in the following areas:

1. Communication, content and community

  • Continuous refinement and enrichment of the content of Bobooki Stories
  • Communication with authors and communities
  • Maintenance and expansion of our social media channels
  • Formation of our own community among book sponsors

2. Organisation, strategy and process

  • Further development of the project as a whole
  • Design of internal processes
  • Team building and development
  • Financing
  • Establishment of cooperative

A diversified and self-organised team structure is what we are committed to. To this end, we strive to preserve its indispensable elements such as versatile roles, flexible working hours, self-ownership, consideration for individual strengths and needs.

Ideal qualifications:

  • Strong communication skills in both German and English
  • Skills in graphic design are highly appreciated
  • Experiences in WordPress (for Bobooki Stories) are highly appreciated
  • Experiences in alternative organisation process, new work cooperative and/or social enterprises are highly appreciated
  • Interest in books

An open, respectful and empathetic approach to criticism and, if necessary conflict, is very important to us. At the end of the day, we simply want to create a working environment that is healthy, fulfilling and fun for everybody.

Our offers for you:

  • A beautiful and tranquil coworking space featuring community life together with other social projects and freelancers in the heart of Berlin Kreuzberg
  • Home office as per needs and discussions
  • A long-lasting partnership in the form of financial and/or work contribution is specifically welcomed
  • Our very first salary is only payable after we have consolidated our finance or collectively pooled our incomes here

If you are interested please contact Felix Weth at: